Friday, September 14, 2012

"It Can Always Get Worse" By: Shandy Kirth

It Can Always Get Worse By: Shandy L. Kurth

5 of 5 stars
I cannot tell you enough how much I loved this story, It drew me in from page one.  I loved the way it jumped right into the story.  I hated the violence, not because it was gory, but for the reason it was depressing. This book was the biggest emotional roller coaster.  I was exercising in college this morning finishing this book and I was balling my eyes out. I loved the characters 100%, well that is a lie, I loved the Locals, I hated Haker and his gang. Even though I hated Haker and his gang, the characters were built amazing. I HATE Haker though, and you will soon realize why.
Clay- He was by far the bravest of the bunch, trying to keep his self control, he always looked after his family. He did let his anger get the best of him. No lie he reminds me of my Fiance.
AJ- Man did he have character, he looked after not only his family but the well being of his friends. He was cool tempered, or at least he could control his.
Marty- Man he was protective and in a good way. He stood by what was right.
Mark- poor boy :( man this kid was so young and hot headed but a good kid.
Fry- I disliked his for his abuse of drugs
Dyan- she was level headed and could handle just about anything.
Nick- He protected so many people and saved them over and over again.
Blade- he was a good friend and loyal.
All in all this is a tragic, but so realistic story that you will love, one second you'll be cheering, but the next you may be in tears.  I want to tell you that this story was very well written and I loved reading every bit.
OKAY so I just edited this because my dumb face forgot to write about Andy!!!!
Andy- He was a well built character, he always though before he acted and he actually had morals and tried to always do the right thing.

I say you should buy today and take the time to read this incredible but tragic story.

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