Sunday, October 7, 2012

Katy did a ReaderReview on me! :)

iThe wonderful KatyBean (Katy Austin) Did a ReaderReview on her blog it looks like this!<3

Her link! go follow her blog<3 

Ok! So now that youve read about it! Lets visit my next installment of "ReaderView" my lucky lady is Cassie!!! Welcome and thank you so much for doing this! Enjoy everyone!

Q1) Why did you choose to read this book? What drew you in?
A1) What made me choose "The Secret of Ella and Micha" was the cover, the very first one was appealing, but as it changed it became more and more appealing. I also wanted to read it because Jessica is amazing at writing!

Q2) Would you recommend this book to your friends? What would you say?
A2) I would recommend to all my friends, but there is some mature content so I'd have to say only mature people could read this or people at least the age of 17. I'd say that this book draws you in from the get go, it makes you not want to put it down because of how thrilling, and exciting it is.

Q3) What was your favorite thing about this book?
A3) My favorite thing about this book was the realistic situation, a girl that has bad home problems, also there was the best friend she fell in love with I can relate to that so it makes it an interesting read, I like to have that connection.

Q4) Who is your favorite Character? why?
A4) My favorite was "Old" Ella, when you read you'll understand my quotations. I liked "Old" Ella because she was upfront and tough, she was out there and caring for people that were bullied or messed with, and God she was just "shove my foot in my mouth type person" but I loved it.

Q5) Would you like to tell Jessica anything?
A5) I'd love to tell Jessica that her books have always intrigued me, she is an astonishing author that just simply flabbergasts me after I read each book. I love that she is so inspiring, caring, and helpful. She is always helping us bloggers out and being so sweet and understanding. I want her to know I appreciate the things she does.

Thanks KatyBean this was a good one:)
Thank you Cassie This was fun!
Thank you Jessica for another rocking book!

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