Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dissidence by Jamie Canosa

Dissidence by Jamie Canosa

4 ½ out of 5 Stars

I came into this book blind, I had no idea what it was about I just took the offer and read it. I read it in two days. This was a fabulous book. It was in my opinion a post-apocalyptic book. It starts off a little slow, to give you a background of what is going on. It was a great story it keeps you wanting more and believe me, up until the last sentence so many things were going through my head, so many alternatives, so many questions, and no answers. I want to know what happened without the guessing, I want to know what will become of this, or if it is just a single book. I absolutely loved the characters. They were built fast and were not all cliché. They had something to them that made you automatically grow a loving, and understanding of them. I couldn’t believe the action and thrills this book game me! I was overall surprised of the outcome, but overall happy.  I was very satisfied with the building of characters but wish the book was longer!  

More to come this is my rough draft.

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