Sunday, January 6, 2013

Love and Blood By: Jessica Gibson Review

Review for Love and Blood By: Jessica Gibson
          First off, this book was more amazing that expected. It had everything you look for in a book, a great character build, an awesome storyline, action, intensity, lust, and love. There was an amazing growth in character and many decisions to be made. This story grabs you by the gut and you are wondering who will she choose? Will it be the right choice? Will she regret it in the end? I can’t wait for the next book to come out! I have so many unanswered questions. To say this book was great is by far an understatement. This book was beyond amazing and I hope to read more of Jessica Gibson’s books.

Bronwyn – Such a beautiful name, love it! She was a little “sluttish” just saying, she had great things to overcome and I love the building of her character. She made some crappy choices and I hope in book two we will see where that takes us.

Rider – Oh hot dang! LOL This guy was the perfect one, no matter what he is so great and believe me when I say I am usually the bad guy type with books. He is by far the best character build I have read in a while. All I can say is he is a definite keeper.<3

Ronan- Oh God…This guy is a douche, sorry but true. At times I could punch him for being too cocky. He is a great character but not the bad boy I look for. Maybe he will grow on me, but we will see. He needs some serious help. He is a great guy when around Bronwyn and hopefully he will change for her, I did say “hopefully” didn’t I?

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