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Review of Obtained By: Shanora Williams

Review of Obtained By: Shanora Williams
5 of 5 Stars!
          This book was beyond amazing, this book grabs you by the hand and carries you through it until the end. Shanora did an amazing job setting up characters and getting the book started. This book takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions but 99% of the time it is good emotions. There is so many choices for Alex it is unreal. I can’t say I didn’t want more but I can say that it’s killing me having to wait for book two. I hate to give spoilers so I will leave you with my thoughts. Obtained is no ordinary novel, it is simply lovely and heartwarming. Sometimes you get worried and stressed while flipping pages, there is definitely a lot of sexual tension and happiness and who knows what team you will end on. You will finish this book breathless and I mean it.

Just a side note: The boys will be hard for you to choose between. It is like chosing between water and air. Jules is air because you can only breath when he is around and Felix is like water, you’d die without him.

Alex – Such a worrier, she thinks too much and trusts no one. It is a bad quality and gets her into trouble. She doesn’t think the best of people because she doesn’t want to be hurt and she is a little bit of a push-over. Throughout the book she becomes more and more stronger. She becomes a fighter and a person you’d hope you’d be in her situation.

Jules Maddox – This man is beyond what any girl could want, he is sweet, overbearing, protective, and strong. He has awesome qualities and doesn’t take no for an answer. He is probably the hardest guy to get to know and once you do you are hooked.

Felix Wells – He is a dream guy for most people, he is rich, great looking, and a total gentleman. He is a sweet-talker and apparently an amazing kisser. He is one of the reasons I loved this book, he was the hardest bad boy to get over, I usually pick one side in this book but I kept going back and forth and Felix is my favorite. He is technically not the “right” one for Alex but I believe he could be.

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  1. Oh wow, love the review and the selection of characters (especially Jules!)
    I really want to read this book now!