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My day on Marcy Rachael's tour!

Marcy Rachel’s Colorful Indie Blog Tour
Tour Dates: February 1st- February 28th
For: Marcy Rachel Designs

The Graphic Designer
In 2011, for NaNoWriMo, Marcy Rachel didn't finish what she was writing. Instead, she decided to make MOCK covers for other authors that were writing to inspire them to finish. After that, people loved what she was doing and they told her that she should sell her covers. Marcy took up on their word and now has her page Marcy Rachel Designs. Every November is a reminder of why she started doing this -- indie authors. Marcy keeps her prices very low by keeping Indies in mind. Not only does she make book covers, but also design other things.

Marcy takes pride in her work and will work with you until you are satisfied with the art.  It's always been said "Don't judge a book by its cover" and, although this is very true, a nice book cover can catch the eye of more readers.  Marcy will always use her skills to her highest to provide you with the best cover she can possibly give you so you can be satisfied. Along with being a freelance designer, working for anyone who needs a great cover, Marcy Rachel is also the official graphics designer of AltWit Press.

About Marcy, From Marcy-
“Since my teenage years, I always liked to look at paintings and sculptures. I loved visiting museums. When I went to college, I enrolled as Chemistry major due to lack of knowledge about degrees and programs offered. I failed Chemistry and moved to Business Administration, where I finished my degree as an Administrative Assistant. While in college, I found out that I could’ve pursue a degree in arts but it was already too late. When I was doing my internship, I discovered a TV show that I loved. I met other fans and learned about fan fiction and graphic design. This was my first encounter with graphic design and video editing and I loved it. I started doing it and taught myself some Photoshop and Movie Maker and I’ve been doing it ever since. Supporting the amazing indie community, whether it be a book cover design, a banner, a logo or even a bookmark is my constant ambition. They are the reason that I now I have my “indie business”, Marcy Rachel Designs.

So this is me, Marcy Rachel, providing just a little insight into how I was inspired and why I design.”

Marcy Rachel Designs obtains most of her resources from stock photo web sites.  She first looks on websites that have been researched and that have images that are completely free.  Unfortunately, most of these websites do not offer good quality pictures worthy of being in a book cover or any design.  This is when she turns to paid images, though royalty free, trying always to find a website where the cost of the graphics is low compared to others.  The cost of these images depends on which, and how many images she ultimately uses in the creation of your cover and/or design.  The cost of the images is paid by the client and it's not included in the labor of creating the cover.  You will always have the option of choosing a less expensive (or more expensive) image. Marcy must have your approval on all the images before finalizing the cover.

E-Book covers start at $50! For a full list of services and prices, please visit her website!

Most cover designers only allow a few revisions.  Marcy Rachel Designs has been allowing unlimited revisions, but this takes a lot of time and it's not fair to other people she am working with simultaneously; it slows down her turn-around time for everyone.  SO, now she is offering 10 free revisions.  Additional revisions will incur in a $5.00 fee per revision.

She will be sending you drafts of the cover as you guys go along and make changes; feel free to suggest any changes you think might make the design better and she will try them!!

Most authors send a synopsis of their book and/or the first two chapters so that Marcy can get an idea of the concept to portray.  Sometimes an author will send her the whole book and allow her to scan it for exciting scenes to get her imagination going. That’s totally up to you! Some pitch in some ideas they already have so she can work with those as well.

*A note about content: Marcy does not read pornographic material in preparation for designing a cover.  (Romance novels are ok, even if it has sex scenes, but not actual pornography.) She can use images that depict artistic nudity, but none that portray hate or cruelty towards animals or people.

Marcy Rachel works as quickly as possible, often working nights and weekends to complete a commission.  If you have a deadline coming up and need a cover as soon as possible, let Marcy help you out!

Marcy Rachel Designs will supply you with two cover files for the web; one for Amazon Kindle's with the new size requirement (2500px on the long side) and a smaller size to use as thumbnail.  If you need a custom size, please let her know before work begins. She will include this file size on your package at NO cost.  When the design is final, Marcy Rachel Designs owns the rights of the final design and will use it to promote her work.  If you want full ownership of the rights, it will require an additional fee.

If you have any questions or comments for Marcy, don’t hesitate to contact her at any of the links below or e-mail her at
Twitter: @MarcyRDesigns

Marcy Rachel’s Colorful Indie Blog Tour
Cassie Chavez’s Interview Questions

1)     What is the hardest design that you've had to come up with?

As of right now, the hardest design I’ve had to make has to be the “Winter Fae” book cover. When Pauline told me was she wanted I got concerned that I wasn’t going to be able to do it, because I am self-taught and I thought I didn’t have the skill to do it. She wanted a castle tree – that was enough for me to go like “whaaaat?” LOL  Anyways, after a few days of trying different techniques, I finally was able to come up with something that worked.  It was PERFECT.  Then she found other pictures she wanted to incorporate to make it better and the cover was born.  I was SO happy with the outcome because no one can tell that there’s 4 different pictures in that cover, and that makes me feel that I did a good job.

2)     My desire for art comes from love and the awesomeness of the outcome, what is yours?

I would say it’s similar. I mean, if we didn’t love we wouldn’t be doing it, right? LOL Every time I have to design something, I get immersed on it and it’s like I forget about everything around me. I’ve been known to skip meals because I am so focused that I don’t even feel that I am hungry. I am not saying this is good, but it does happen! Every design it’s like a new baby and at the end, I just sit back and stare at it – I really do – because I want to see what I have created. I even still look at past designs and stare at them.  I feel this warm feeling inside and a sensation of fulfillment, accomplishment.

3)     How do you come up with an idea, does it start from someone telling you what they like or by just imagining it and getting it finished?

It depends. Some people come to me and they know what they want – like ‘Winter Fae’, and I have to work around that. Some people tell me a very general idea of what they want and I have more creative freedom.  For example, for ‘The Prodigal Life’ I was told it had to look inspirational. That was it. For ‘Christian in Training’ I was told that it also had to look inspirational, but that it should include a horse, but still be appealing to everyone (not just people who work with horses) and I think I delivered (well, the author loved it!). So, yes, it depends on the person: some give a lot of details, some don’t.  It’s always a mystery!

4)     How long have you been into designing things?

I started “playing” with Photoshop and Movie Maker back in 2006. There was a time when I stopped designing because I never really thought I could sell what I did.  I am self-taught so I didn’t think I was up to par with people that went to school.  But I have a lot of people that support me and have encouraged me to pursue this route and I just love it.

5)     Was designing your first thing you love to do or are there others?

I love other things as well like taking pictures, drawing, and singing. I think singing is my number one, but I never pursued it professionally. I never took singing classes either so it was scarier than pursuing designing.  I used to sing in church a lot, since I was a kid. We had a small group and everything.  I wish I had the guts to do it professionally, but I guess it’s too late now.  At least I still sing when I’m driving and when I clean, LOL.

6)     What other hobbies do you have?

I love watching movies and TV series and playing video games. I am an avid fan of ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘The Big Bang Theory’, ‘Dexter’, and ‘Once Upon a Time’. I collect Johnny Depp movies, even if it was just his voice or a cameo role.  And I love ‘Final Fantasy’ games, racing games, as well as ‘The Sims’ and ‘SimCity’.

7)     We're all book nerds here, what is your favorite book and author?

As you may or may not know, I am from Puerto Rico. Most of the readings I’ve done are from Spanish-speaking authors and some translated books to Spanish.  That being said, I am not very familiar with a lot of the authors you guys are, especially the indie authors.  Back in college, however, someone gifted me ‘The Da Vinci Code’ by Dan Brown and I just loved it. I bought all the other books and read them too.  But I’ve also read Paulo Coelho, and his writing is completely different, but I love it as well. I have to say those are my two favorite authors so far, though I have to admit that I recently read ‘The Clockwork Dragon’ and ‘Winter Fae’ and I like the way Pauline Creeden writes her stories – and I’m looking forward to read The Painter Series by Melissa Turner Lee.

8)     How long it usually takes to design something?

It depends on the design. Some designs are very simple and it could take a couple of hours. Some of them might not come out the way I like it and I have to even restart. Some are complicated and take a couple of days.

9)     What is your favorite color? And does is inspire things you make?

My favorite color is black. I also love other dark colors, but anything combined with black I think looks amazing.  I don’t think the colors inspire me if I’m making a custom made cover, but maybe the story or the characters.  However, I have to admit that my preference in colors is very dominant when I design.  I am trying to break away from it and try different things.

10)Is there certain things that draw you do certain designs?

I would have to say that for my most recent cover that I’ve designed, what drew me to create it was my desire to appeal to paranormal authors.  It certainly worked as someone was interested on it not too long after I posted it!!  I want to use the indie authors themselves as inspiration to upcoming designs.

The Schedule
February 1
Tyffani Clark

February 2
Caitlin Hensley

February 3
Melissa Lynn Simmons

February 4
Tich Brewster

February 5
Candy Smith

February 6
Ann Snizek

February 7
Ren Reidy

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Sarah Princess Graham

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Mera Sampson

February 10
Teresa Gabelman

February 11
Jacqueline Driggers

February 12
Anna Dase

February 13
Cassie Chavez

February 14
Ashley Ryan Snyder

February 15
Pauline Jim Creeden

February 16
Sadrina Cassiopeia

February 17
Christina Condy

February 18
Christina Baker Irelan

February 19
Delphina Miyares

February 20
Tawnya Peltonen

February 21
Sara McCluskey

February 22
Jennifer Martinez

February 23
Brianna Lee Reviews

February 24
Andrea Coventry

February 25
Beth Calloway Edwards

February 26
A Page Away

February 27
Becky Johnson

February 28
Tejasvini Rao


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