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Sugar and Spice Blog Tour!

Elena Gray promo:

Silence is golden. Honesty...not so much.

Gwen Palmer's saucy mouth gets in the way of her heart's desire...again. Just when she is about to trade her baker's hat for a nun's habit, she comes face to face with her idol, Ethan Reynolds.

Ethan isn't immune to Gwen's loose lips. Nor her quirkiness. And something about her smile tugs at his heart. Will he look beyond her outrageous remarks and see the truth inside? Or will Gwen lose her one chance at true love?

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Kelli McCracken promo:

Jonah McCabe made a horrible mistake six years ago that cost him his chance at happiness. Then fate interceded.

A last minute favor has him coming face to face with the past. Every beautiful inch of it. Her laughter still echoed in his mind. As did the pain in her voice the day she left.

Can he make things right in a race against the clock or will time continue to work against him?

Kelli McCracken:

Amber Scott promo:

A gold locket catches her eye and her heart. Inside the tiny gold frame is a picture of the one man she compares all others to. The one that got away..

Can this locket, one wish, bring back the love she lost?

Amber Scott:

Guest Post
Studs, Duds, and the Heartbreakers

(Ally) *sips from a wine glass* So ladies. We’re here to talk about past relationships, today. The good, the bad, and the oh so very ugly. What a loaded topic.

(Gwen) This isn’t easy for me. Talking about my past relationship. It still stings. I almost lost my gram’s bakery because I put my faith in the wrong man. I thought he loved me, but what he really loved was my money.

(Ally) Your money? What? That’s horrible. That would make it hard to trust anyone.

(Sara) Wowza.

(Gwen) *nodding head* He almost drained my bank account. Luckily I figured out what he was doing. You know, it really wasn’t about the money. I would have given him the money if he’d only asked. It was the fact that he knew how important my gram’s bakery was to me. How hard I worked to try and make it a household name.

(Ally) The only thing ever stolen from me was my heart. So I guess I can relate in some sense.

(Sara) Yeah. Here, too. I had a very dear friendship stolen because of a guy.

(Ally) I fell in love with my best friend. Thought he loved me, too. Can you believe I was willing to give up college to be with him? Even travel with him if the band he was in made it big. When I finally found the courage to tell him how I felt, he brushed me off. Even pretended like he was going to kiss me, then pulled away at the last second. After that, he told me he was leaving town.

(Gwen) Was he your first love?

(Ally) Yeah. He is...I mean was. *takes a deep breath* No, he still is. Some loves you never get over, no matter how much they shatter your heart.

(Sara) So, so true. Some loves leave an indelible mark. Like a tattoo.

(Ally) Exactly! How about you, Sara? How bad have you been burned in the past?

(Sara) Bad. Real bad. Like a third degree burn. The one that broke my heart ended up being the one that got away. And he went far away... *plays with locket against her chest* I can’t say much about the guys that I dated before him. Just that, looking back on it now, they weren’t so bad. More like duds than heartbreakers, you know?

(Ally) Oh, yes. I think we’ve all had a few duds in our time. And one that got away. Those ones are the hardest to get over, I think.

(Gwen) A few? Try dozens. Of course I was blessed with a mouthpiece to ferret out the trolls pretty fast.

(Sara) *laughing* Yes, that straightforward streak of yours probably outed quite a few toads along the way, huh?

(Ally) Even you have to admit that you have some hilarious stories, Gwen.

(Gwen) Hilarious for you maybe. I’m not proud of some of the things I’ve said. My bluntness definitely shattered a few egos.

(Sara) Men and their egos...

(Ally) Right? *rolls eyes*

(Sara) One day you’ll be able to look back and laugh about it. It will be fun stories to tell your kids. That’s what I keep telling myself.

(Ally) Yeah, those relationships weren’t meant for any of us. But I still believe there’s someone for everyone. These guys weren’t our ‘someones’. Crazy thing is, I think we know who is...

(Gwen) Ally, I think you would like a dear friend of mine, Mrs. Haverty. She believes we all have a soulmate. We just need to open our hearts and we will find them.

(Ally) I couldn’t agree with her more.

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