Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review of Blackwater by Tara Brown

WOW I will say it again! This book was steamy and hot! I loved it! You meet some great characters and see how they grow throughout the book and it makes you think how well Tara Brown built them. Blackwater is one of my top 2013 reads of the year and I can say that it was more than I expected it to be. That is saying a lot because I thought it'd be awesome but man was I wrong it was superfreakingfatasticallyawesome! yes that is a word in my book. When you get a paranormal book that is in the south, old times, and with great characters you get what I call a "Jaw dropping, eye popping" read and I mean it. This book was outstanding and I am dying to read book two!

Lorelei was a great character. She was snobby, naive, a push over and a princess but quickly learned that it gets you nowhere. She grew so much as a character and you can see it throughout the whole book, you get a view of her that is all-sided. She was my favorite, and not at the beginning lol. Her changing made her seem not so prissy but strong, courageous, and selfless.

Witt was a handsome man that knew what he was doing. I don't say that because of how well she says he was in the bedroom ;) I say that because he was so well adjusted and matured that he knew how to handle situations better than most people you may know. He was a sarcastic, cocky, big-headed and sometimes a douchebag character. He was in love with Lorelei and not always in the right state of mind, but his heart decided for him.

Rydal is only showing up in the end but what little I got from him was enough:) I LOVE his character!

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