Tuesday, May 21, 2013

STUNNING cover reveal!!!!!!!!

Returned By: Keeley Smith!

Lifting her trembling hands she placed them in front of her body. She couldn’t do this. Rather embarrassingly she felt like crying. Her hands dropped dejectedly back down to her sides. A blinding pain exploded in her shoulders, the act forcing her to the floor. It happened so quickly she didn't have time to put her hands out to stop her face from hitting the grass. A shocked cry escaped her lips as her chest took the brunt of the fall and her head smacked heavily against the ground. Gathering her senses, she violently coughed up what seemed like a lung and moved herself off her chest. The pain in her shoulder was so immense she actually forgot how to breathe. Was Jack here? She was sure she'd heard the faint whisper of his laugh. She pushed herself so she was on all fours. Standing wasn’t going to happen whilst her head rolled around. It felt like her brain was sloshing in a fish bowl. What had just happened? Breathing in another lungful of air, she felt like she was ready to stand up and then a sledgehammer crashed straight into her side crunching heavily against her ribs. She tasted acid as bile was pushed from her stomach into her mouth. Before she could suck in much needed oxygen, something yanked her ponytail from behind, ripping any thought process clean out of her mind. She lifted her hands in an attempt to grab the person but they were suddenly pulled awkwardly and painfully behind her back, her wrist screamed as the tension became too much. She panted, breathless with pain as she felt her bone creak with the effort to stay in one piece. She screamed and then bit her lip thinking of the danger her mother could be in. She thrashed in the little space she had to manoeuvre and then the bone in her wrist exploded. Instead of pain, she felt power. A torrent of wind surged around her, she grinned just as it burst from within her. The results were instant, the hold on her was gone and she was free and falling to the floor. Pushing herself to a crouching position on her one good hand, she turned around and found them. One attacker stood on the grass but he was already pushing himself to his feet. The other must had smacked hard against the house as he lay slumped face down against the wall. She focused her attention on the man who was stood with his back to her but something didn’t look right. She jumped back and gasped as the attacker turned and faced her.

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