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Cover Reveal | Wicked Hunger by DelSheree Gladden

Book Title: Wicked Hunger
Series: SomeOne Wicked This Way Comes
Author: DelSheree Gladden
Release Date: July 9th
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Length: 95,000 words/240 pages
Publisher: GMTA Publishing LLC
Presented by: As You Wish Tours


Vanessa and Zander Roth are good at lying. They have to be when they are hiding a deadly secret. Day after day, they struggle to rein in their uncontrollable hunger for pain and suffering in order to live normal lives. Things only get worse when Ivy Guerra appears with her pink-striped hair and secrets. The vicious hunger Ivy inspires is frightening, not to mention suspicious.

Vanessa’s instincts are rarely wrong, so when they tell her that Ivy’s appearance is a sign of bad things to come, she listens. She becomes determined to expose Ivy’s secrets. Vanessa tries to warn her brother, but Zander is too enamored with Ivy to pay attention to her conspiracy theories.

One of them is right about Ivy … but if they lose control of their hunger, it won’t matter who is right and who is wrong. One little slip, and they’ll all be dead.


Vanessa and Zander Roth have spent their lives battling an uncontrollable hunger for pain and suffering that will either gain them limitless power or lead them to their deaths.

DelSheree Gladden lives in New Mexico with her husband and two children. The Southwest is a big influence in her writing because of its culture, beauty, and mythology. Local folk lore is strongly rooted in her writing, particularly ideas of prophecy, destiny, and talents born from natural abilities. When she is not writing, DelSheree is usually teaching yoga, coaching gymnastics, reading, painting, sewing, or working as a Dental Hygienist. Her works include Escaping Fate, Twin Souls Saga, and The Destroyer Trilogy. DelSheree's newest series, The SomeOne Wicked This Way Come series, follows Vanessa and Zander Roth, siblings with an uncontrollable hunger for pain and suffering that will either gain them limitless power or lead them to their deaths.

Today Only Blog Tour!

Today Only by D. Love
Published: May 11, 2013
Editor: Lizzy Ford
Cover Designer: Airicka Phoenix

Blurb: In life, there are times you are granted a miracle. It may not be the one you wanted exactly, but it will be the one you need. It will prepare you for the next step in your journey and help you learn to accept the life you are given, even if that life can be heartbreaking.

Buy Links

Amazon: http://amzn.to/161ETTr


Excerpt #1 - Rye's POV
My time here is dwindling. Everything around me – my body, the transition from winter to spring, the height chart marking the growth of my daughter, Emily – reminds me that the hourglass that is my life has only a few grains of sand left.
It’s my first thought this morning. I awoke early for a fundraiser, the Big Walk for March of Dimes. I start off with my daily routine. I jump in the shower, trying not to notice how much the droplets of water hurt my skin. The sting is too much this morning. I get out quickly, dry off and throw my hair in a simple ponytail at the base of my neck. I catch my reflection in the mirror and stare at myself for a minute.
Just a little longer? So I can watch Em grow up?
My mirror doesn’t have an answer for me.
"Come on, Em!" I call to my daughter. "Get your shoes on, before we’re late."
I turn away from the mirror, then hurry into the living room and grab Emily by the hand.
"You ready Em?" I ask. Whatever dread or fear I feel in front of my mirror fades at the sight of Em’s beautiful blue eyes. 
She looks up at me with the biggest smile, and exclaims, "Yes!"
We hop in the car and head towards the Walk. My daughter’s eyes are glowing. 
"Mama, this is going to be the best walk ever," she almost squeals in excitement. The innocence of my little angel never fails to humble me.
She doesn’t yet understand that this might be my last Walk with her. 
"Yes, honey, this is going to be the best walk ever," I agree.
My review!
5/11/2013 is when I wrote this review.

So it has taken me three days to be able to write this review. This book hit home hard and it is a book that everyone should read. To be able to experience pain, love, hope, and memories is what this book gives. It gives closure and opens your eyes to new beginnings and endings. The thought behind "today only" is more overwhelming than you'd think. I loved this book, I'm not saying that as an understatement. I cannot begin to tell you how real this book is and how much I cried. I had no idea how I was going to finish this book after the halfway mark but I had to see what was to hold in the end. When you are given so much and are able to give your all to everyone else you are a true angel. Someone who puts all other before themselves is a God send and this book shows you that. You may be crying til the last page of this book but you'll understand in the end that it's closure and hope that gets you through your life. You realize that even though it isn't how you wanted it to end you became stronger and made your mark on the world. Thank you D, the love and hope you put into this book is astonishing. You give so much to this world and you deserve everything you've ever wanted. This is by far the best book I've ever read and I hope you all take the opportunity to read this book and experience the love and sacrifices in it.(less)

 Author Bio
I live in Maine. My biggest passion is for my family and friends. I adore loving others as if it is the biggest gift life can offer. I'm a read-a-holic, loves chocolate, cowboys and everyone on  Young Adult & Teen Readers Facebook page. My dream is to travel to Australia one day and see a kangaroo. I am nothing but simple. I do a lot of volunteer work. I have 2 beautiful daughters. 4 grandchildren, that constantly ask me if I lived in the black & white days.
My inspiration would be my daughters. Rita for her strength to keep fighting and constantly trying to take care of me, even though sometimes she can’t get out of bed & Kayla, for helping to pick up all the pieces that seem to fall when times get rough, and the love they have for me.


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Cover Reveal | The Swan Bonnet by Katherine L. Holmes

Book Title: The Swan Bonnet
Author: Katherine L. Holmes
Release Date: July 16, 2013
Genre: YA Historical Fiction
Presented by: As You Wish Tours


Unbeknown to Dawn, her grandfather has shot an old swan out of mercy. In their coastal Alaskan town, her father buys the swan pelt, preventing her Uncle Alex, a fur trader, from selling it for export. Dawn’s father surprises her part-Aleut mother with a hat she helped to make and also with an idea to catch poachers. Shooting swans has become illegal but Alaska is a territory and Prohibition occupies the Sheriff. Dawn and her mother become involved with the suspicious effects of the swan bonnet besides its haunting effect. Because Dawn’s grandparents see the swans first, Dawn agrees to secretly watch the migration with the deputy sheriff’s son. But after she and her mother encounter women from a ship and find out about a hunting party, they ride to the inlet. There are townspeople roving the shore too but who is the vigilante and who is the poacher?

Katherine L. Holmes’ first published book was The House in Windward Leaves, an MG fantasy which became an E-book Finalist in the 2013 New Generation Indie Book Awards and a Juvenile Fiction Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Book Awards. Also, she won Prize Americana for her short story collection, Curiosity Killed the Sphinx and Other Stories, published by Hollywood Books International. In April 2013, The Wide Awake Loons was released by Silver Knight Publishing. The Swan Bonnet, a historical novel, will be published in July, 2013, by GMTA Publishing. Katherine has worked with used and rare books in the last years. She lives in Duluth, Minnesota.


Facebook Pages

Knotted Roots Blog Tour!

Book Blurb:
Partying with friends and scoring a flawless tan is about all Roxie has on her list of things to make her Hampton's summer perfect.
Her parents, however, have other plans and Grandma Betty's farm is just one of them.
Just as her life is in shambles and the quaint town is suffocating her, she meets Chase.
Somewhere in the mix of bummer summer and small town doldrums, he becomes the boy she can't seem to avoid falling for. Just adding him to the picture, her stay starts to get better, even if she knows it has to end with the summer holidays.
That is until Betty drops a life-shattering bomb.
Roxie must make a choice that will change her life forever. What happens when a spoiled brat from New York learns the true meaning of love, loss, and forgiveness?
Can Chase and Roxie find a way to be together or is this just another summer romance?

5 out of 5 stars
Well, I wanted to wait to right this review so these amazing sporadic thoughts of mine would come out coherent. I cannot begin to explain how simply perfect this book was. I mean, this book had everything any book needs, it has romance, hate, life, death, happiness, depression, and an amazing story line that was beyond flawless!
If I had one word to explain this book it would be superamazinglyperfectthat is the only word that could even come close to describe the way this book was set up. When you read this book you will tend to feel emotions with the characters and you will be on a roller coaster of emotions! Knotted Roots is an all new amazing! This book can be described as “breathtaking” “tantalizing” but most of all you will find it “breathtaking” and “heartwarming.”
I write non-spoiler reviews so I cannot tell you that what happens in this book will change your outlook and make you look deeper in your life. But I promise you that this book will leave it’s mark and you will not only be a better person after reading it but you will realize what you are taking out of life and how you take things for granted if you do. I will remember this book forever for that reason alone.
Roxy – she is a scared girl that will learn to be the person she always should have been and you can watch her blossom into a great character.
Chase – this guy is the definition of heartbreak, he has experienced it all and continues to be the best person possible. He teaches me or you “the reader” to not take what you have and what you get for granted because he knows what that can do to a person.
Katy – she is what every person wants in a best friend, she may have the heart of gold but she also has the sense to kick you in the face if you aren’t seeing the point.
Grandma Betty – she is the grandma everyone wants, she reminds me of the most wonderful woman Derinda Love. She has a lifetime of experience and thrives to keep everyone going. She puts everyone before herself and doesn’t take no for an answer. She is the strongest woman you will ever meet and that is what makes her such a wonderful role model

About the Author:
If you had asked 6 year old Ruthi what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would have told you a Rock Star. Those dreams faded to the background when she found out who the true Rock Stars are: Authors.
She has always had a fascination with books, losing herself completely in numerous books, enjoying the worlds she found that were so unlike her own. They were her escape, and eventually became her passion.
Her family has been putting up with her and her incoherent ramblings while she worked on her debut novel, Knotted Roots. Her five year old and Fiance have suffered through many “fend for yourself” nights, but somehow still manage to love her anyway.
She is now attending the Southern New Hampshire University, working on her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing/Fiction so that she can create her own worlds for others to fall in love with.
Okay, now that I’m done talking in the third person, let me just say that I love connecting with people via Facebook, Goodreads, my blog, etc. If you would like to chat, you can usually find me online at any given time. I also want to say thank you to each and every person who reads my book. It was a labor of love and I truly hope that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!
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Tour Stop | Broken Strings by Nancy Means Wright

Book Title: Broken Strings
Author: Nancy Means Wright
Release Date: May 7th 2013
Genre: Mystery
Publisher: GMTA Publishing, LLC
Presented by: As You Wish Tours


When puppeteer Marion collapses during a performance of Sleeping Beauty, her friend Fay Hubbard promises to carry on. But Fay already has her hands full with three demanding foster children, Apple and Beets, who have a fractious jailbird father—and sixteen-year-old Chance, who has a crush on a much older guy in a band called Ghouls. And now Marion’s husband Cedric seems more interested in a drop-dead-gorgeous French teacher than in any string puppets. And who is the mysterious Skull-man who warns of death if the show goes on with one of Marion’s offbeat endings? When an autopsy reveals that Marion had swallowed a dose of deadly crushed yew—and a friend finds her sister dangling from a rod like a marionette, a shocked Fay goes after the killer.


Chance was swimming: long sweeping strokes, face down in the cold water, arms stretching, stroking back the surface of the water like troubles she’d let go, like the water was a bed sheet. Reach, stretch, stroke, right arm, left, head up to breathe, then down again, down, keep it down as long as you can. Then up it goes to suck in the air, like a life, a will of its own, the breath undoing the death bed as quick as you can make it.

Like her whole seventeen years coming up in the wash of water, the scrap and scrape of competition with other foster kids, each grasping for the same straw, the biggest dessert, the bed with the slats that didn’t break down every night. The schools, sometimes three schools in a single year, new teachers, new caseworkers: Tell me dear, do you like it there? Do the foster parents get along? For if husband and wife didn’t get along, it was bye-bye. She’d taken to storing food and quarters in her closet for the next bus out. And even before the rape, the manual she’d read that said: Teenage girls are sexual assaults waiting to happen. A girl she knew had sued her foster father, accused him of assault, the man’s reputation ruined before they found the girl had lied. A foster boy who shot their foster mother when she sent him to his room without supper.

Her arms were tiring now. How long had she been in the water? Her watch stopped, she didn’t think of that when she jumped in; just wanted to leave that Sammy woman behind, that lying Billy who would go off with a woman and leave Chance without a word. Then something she’d seen in that apartment before she ran, something on the sofa

Fay should know about… She couldn’t think now, couldn’t make sense of it.

She remembered the book they’d read in English class, The Awakening, where the woman takes a lover to escape her oppressive husband. “I give myself where I choose,” she says to herself and then the lover abandons her. In the end she walks out into the lake and swims – and swims. Like Chance, who dropped off the rock into the water and thought of dying but her mind and body wouldn’t let her. Free, free, the woman in the novel thinks, I’m free…. I’m myself, nobody owns me.

Chance looked back, exhausted. She saw the shore far behind her but she swam on. Somewhere back on land a dog barked, a kid shouted.

Free, free. Free, she cried wordlessly when the hands caught her and pulled her up into the boat. “Let go, let me be, leave me!” Free…

But the hands pulled her over the edge and down into the boat.

“We got ourselves a mermaid,” a male voice said.

Nancy Means Wright has published 17 books, including 6 contemporary mysteries from St Martin’s Press and two historical novels featuring 18th-century Mary Wollstonecraft (Perseverance Press). Her two most recent books are the mystery Broken Strings (GMTA publishing) and Walking into the Wild, an historical novel for tweens (LLDreamspell). Her children’s mysteries have received an Agatha Award and Agatha nomination. Nancy lives in Middlebury with her spouse and two Maine Coon cats.


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Tour Stop | Terpsichore In Love by John Tucker

 Book Title: Bemused and Bedeviled: Terpsichore In Love
Author: John Tucker
Release Date: May 15, 2013
Genre: Supernatural Romance/Comedy
Publisher: GMTA Publishing, LLC
Presented by: As You Wish Tours 


The nine traditional Greek Muses, who are now living on Earth, find their everyday lives disrupted by the appearance of a mysterious mortal who is developing powers beyond human capabilities. After Dan Gordon falls in love with Terpischore, he finds himself in the midst of a power struggle between the forces of Heaven and the denizens of Hades – with the winner claiming his heart and soul.

Bemused and Bedeviled takes you into the drama-filled lives of the nine sisters, headed up by the impetuous Terpischore, oversexed Melpomene, irascible Calliope, and the impossibly cheerful Euterpe. On the dark side, Lucifer and his three Sirens – the level-headed Calypso, wrathful Celestia, and the effervescent Chanteuse – deal with their own darker issues. The representatives of good and evil vie for Dan’s loyalty and allegiance, despite family issues that threaten to rip the very fabric of the universe apart.


Father (God) is having a chess game with Lucifer.

Father intently stares at the chessboard while stroking his long salt and pepper beard. Lucifer impatiently drums his fingers on the table, twists in his chair, and shared a look of despair with Daemon. Lucifer groaned before turning back to Father 
Big Guy, it’s your move; any millennium now.”

Father grunted irritably. “I may have created everything in seven days, but when it comes to our chess games, I take my time – Satan.”

Lucifer rolled his violet eyes and scowled at a chuckling Michael. “Creator, I know you slapped that vicious nickname on me right after my callous exile from Heaven, but don’t you think it’s about time to start calling me –”

I could think of a lot of nicknames for you, Satan,” Father interrupted. He moved a chess piece into position and triumphantly looked up to see Lucifer staring at his nails and ignoring the move. “Most of them start with the letter A.”

Daemon,” Lucifer yawned. “When is my appointment with Boopsie?”

The nail technician in SoHo has you down for three, Sir. Should I cancel it?” He pursed his lips and glared at Father. “You’ve already missed your spa massage.”

Lucifer sighed. “I know, Sweetheart. Keep me abreast of the time. This game is going so eternally slow, I may have to….” He smacked his head and chuckled. “Actually, wait just a second.” Without looking, he moved a rook down the chessboard. “Check.”

For the love of Me,” Father growled while he fingered his king. “Excellent move, Satan, I don’t see how I missed that.”

It seems like you’re unusually distracted.” Lucifer nudged Daemon. “I sincerely hope you’re not having…troubles in paradise.”

Funny you should say that.” Father gave Daemon a sour sneer, offered Lucifer a suspicious glance, and studied the board again. “One of my Muses is canoodling with a human again. It’s only been a few hundred years since the last relationship happened.” He looked up and grinned. “That was Euterpe’s beau.”

Lucifer chuckled. “Yes, the poor mortal who had not one, not two, but three fiery lightning bolts leveled at his...um…impudent behind.”

Father laughed, “Got smote.”

So, which one of your lovely Muses is it this time, Creator?” Lucifer blew Daemon a kiss. “Oooh, let me guess – Clio or Urania, or perhaps Melpomene?”

He snorted, “I wouldn’t put it past Melpomene. She’s such a hot mess she should’ve been a Siren.” He shook his head and groaned. “No, it’s Terpischore.”

Oh, my evilness, and she’s your perfect princess.” Lucifer sat back in his chair and rubbed his hands together. “That’s got to be putting a very large bur in your toga.”

Michael grasped the handle of his sword before Father squeezed his forearm and shook his head. Lucifer reached out and swatted Daemon’s butt.

I’m not worried about her,” Father replied. “Their forbidden affair has only lasted for a few seconds – maybe minutes.” He moved a bishop. “Regardless, I’ll wait to see how it plays out, but until then,” he snickered, “check.”

Lucifer picked a stray thread off his suit and hissed, “I don’t see why you insist on playing this boring game, eon after eon. Perhaps it’s time to start playing Pictionary,” he smiled, “or maybe Words with Friends.”

Father sat back and folded his arms. “Like my good buddy Steven Tyler says, Dream on, Satan.”

How he’s headed to your side of the cosmos, I’ll never know.” Lucifer shrugged and slid his finger down Daemon’s thigh. “Where did I fail with the rock god, Sweetheart? It’s killing me inside.”

John. D. Tucker is a longtime Georgia native who began writing at the age of forty-three. He has self-published three novels: Divisive – a psychological crime thriller, The Little Girl You Kiss Goodnight – a young adult mystery, and Romancing the Fox – a contemporary romance/drama. He seems to be becoming a jack of all genres with his first novel under the GMTA banner – Terpischore in Love (Bemused and Bedeviled Book One) a romantic comedy filled with mythological characters interacting with contemporary mortals.


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Release - Blood of the Sire by Andrea L. Staum

Title:  Blood of the Sire Book 1 of Dragonchild Lore
Author:  Andrea L. Staum
Release Date: June 11th
Genre:  Fantasy
Length:  300 pages


When raiders come to the shores of Kalahtaya, Kitra, the village outcast, is sent to find allies by the village's Elemental Guardians. Along the way she uncovers the villages long forgotten past, as well as, learning how misguided her own memories have become.

The first book of lore reveals the birth of the Dragonchild and her tie to the Guardians of Kalahtaya.

About the Author - Andrea L. Staum is a 2012 NaNoWriMo winner with Blood of the Sire, her first published novel. By day she works in a motorcycle dealership and by night she spends way too much time on her laptop. Andrea lives in south-central Wisconsin with her husband, two cats, and two ornery rabbits.

Check out the Full Cover!  It's lovely!

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Release Event | Phantom Dreams by T.K. Harris

Book Title: Phantom Dreams
Author: T.K. Harris
Release Date: June 7th
Genre: Mystery Thriller
Length: 81,956 words, 273 pages
Presented by: As You Wish Tours
Cover Design by: Benjamin Poelman and Tipping Point


FBI Special Agent Jack Matthews finds himself on yet another serial killer case, having barely recovered from the last disastrous hunt. Still stiff from a gun shot wound in his leg, under investigation for a botched job, and having lost his fiancĂ©e when she walked out on him, Jack is beginning to wonder if it isn’t time to move on to something new. But, for Jack, these cases are personal and he can’t say no. 

Marketing specialist Kathy Gilliam leads a fairly boring life. If she’s not working or caring for her ailing father, then she is doing whatever it takes to avoid going anywhere near crowds of people. Her few distractions include her friend Margo Longfellow, occasional hiking trips, and her increasingly alarming dreams of women dying.

As her nightmares cause her to begin to doubt her sanity, the media releases news of the “Coast-to-Coast Killer” and Kathy discovers her dreams may be related. In a moment of panic, Kathy does something that places her on the FBI’s “persons of interest” list. Suddenly, her life is set on a collision course with Jack who must decide if Kathy is the killer or destined to become a victim.


The woman faltered at the sight of him, her eyes widening. She stopped, then turned to run back the way she had come. He raced after her, following the white puffs of her breath. But despite his effort, the distance between them increased.

The voice screamed at him. Faster!

He saw her turn her head to look back and then go down hard as her foot caught on something. She was still struggling to extract her foot and ankle from a tree root when he caught up. Raising her hands, she looked at him with tear-filled eyes. "Please. D-don't!"

He felt his face twist. How dare she? Snarling, he demanded, "Why did you do it?"

Not waiting for an answer, he raised his weapon and lunged, watching with satisfaction as her perplexed, fearful gaze changed to reflect her pain. His pain. He heard her gasp, still pleading, until she finally fell forward into a pool of her own dark blood.

The night deepened and gradually grew quieter until he could hear only the beating of his heart and the noise of the wildlife around him. Breathing deeply, he closed his eyes reveling in the sharp scents of pine and blood. He listened for a moment longer, but when no other sounds emerged, he smiled.

T.K. Harris was born in California and lived a gypsy sort of life traveling the world as a military brat. She has been writing since she was a child and as had several short stories published by various magazines, including one in Woman's World. She currently lives and works in Colorado as a Senior Solutions Architect and IT Instructor and has recently had her first novel, Phantom Dreams, published. She is looking forward to her next two books, already outlined and partially written. You can find out more at: http://www.tkharrisonline.com

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Call Me Crazy Blog Tour!

Call Me Crazy

by Quinn Loftis


“I’m looking out from inside the chaos. It must be a one-way mirror because no one seems to be able to see back inside to where I am. The looks on their faces, the judgment in their eyes, tells me everything I need to know. The most frustrating part about the whole messed up situation is that even though I’m the one that they stare at in shock, I am just as shocked as they are. I know no more than they do of why I lose control. What they don’t know is that I am more scared of myself than they could ever be.” ~ Tally Baker
After a devastating turn of events, seventeen year old Tally Baker is admitted to Mercy Psychiatric Facility where she is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. She has come to a place where she honestly believes that her life is over. Her mind tells her that she will never smile or laugh again, that she will never be normal again. It is in this unlikely place that she meets two people, different in every way, yet both critical to helping her realize that she has so much more living to do.
Candy, a cantankerous sixty year old Mercy Psychiatric patient, is hell bent on driving everyone as crazy as she is. Candy shows Tally that, regardless of her diagnosis, the ability to push on and live her life to the fullest is her choice and hers alone. In the midst of Tally’s oftentimes humorous, sometimes heart-wrenching, escapades with Candy, a new patient is admitted to Mercy—a Native American woman named Lolotea. Along with this new patient comes a daily visitor, her son, Trey Swift. At first glance, it is obvious to Tally that he is incredibly handsome and unbelievably caring. But what she learns through her second glance, and many thereafter, is that there is much more to Trey than he ever lets on. It is during these daily visits that Trey and Tally build a friendship far deeper than either of them truly realize. With Trey, Tally feels for the first time since being admitted that someone is looking at her as a person and not as a disease. Trey begins to make it clear that he wants more than friendship, but she knows that she can never give him more. How can she, when she won’t even give him the truth? Tally doesn't tell Trey that she is a patient at Mercy, and she doesn't ever plan to. Her plans go up in flames when she finds out that Trey is a new student at her school, the school where her brokenness was found out in the floor of the girl’s bathroom in a pool of her own blood.

Excerpt from Chapter 3

I’m hunched down beneath the table like a frightened rabbit as I watch the tall figure kneelbefore the new patient across the room. I’m not sure how I came to be hunched down. All I know is that the moment he walked in the room, I felt the uncomfortable rush of something pouring through me. I’m not sure if I liked it or not.
He is Native American; there is no doubt in my mind about that based on his extremely apparent features. His long, black, amazingly shiny hair would have any woman envious of the obvious health in the locks. It flows down his back like a cascading waterfall. His naturally tan skin appears as smooth as silk and his piercing dark eyes don’t seem to miss a thing. He had even caught my movement and had glanced in my direction when I had so brilliantly decided to hide from a person I didn’t even know. I watch as he slowly stands and continues to look down at the woman before him. By the hesitancy in his movements she is obviously very important to him and I’m awed by the tenderness that such a large, imposing guy can show. After several minutes he turns to leave and my eyes never leave his retreating form until I can no longer see him. I feel a kick to my ribs and scramble up with a grunt.
“Crap Candy,” I growl at my snickering companion as I rub my side and glare at her. “What was that for?”
“A better question would be why were you hunkered down under the table drooling over Kemosabe?”
I frown at her. “That’s tacky don’t you think?”
“I’m sixty years old and crazy; I can do tacky if I want,” she snorts at me.
I can’t really argue with her there. Like pregnant women, old, crazy ladies pretty much get a free pass on crassness and eccentricity.
“So come on,” she pats the chair that I had so quickly vacated, “tell Candy all about it.”
I roll my eyes. “He just took me off guard, that’s all,” I lie smoothly.
Candy isn’t buying it. “He was hot, just admit it. Hot and he got you bothered.”
I cringe. “Candy, you calling a guy young enough to be your grandson hot is just not right.”
“Psht,” she flips her hand at me. “I’m old, not blind or dead. Besides, I didn’t say I wanted to jump his exotic bones.”
I groan as I bang my head against the table. “Where do you learn these terms? I mean it’s not normal for someone your age to blurt out crap like that.”
“Did you just use the term normal in a sentence describing me?” She raises her brow surprisingly at me.
I laugh. “Good point.”
“So, are you going to tell me why Pocahontas’ brother had you running for the hills?”
“There is something wrong with you, you know that, right?”
She smiles at me. “That’s what the voices in my head keep telling me. Now spill it.”

Call Me Crazy Trailer

Excerpt from Chapter 8

“For a brief moment I feel a strange kinship to the predators of the animal kingdom. I realize that I am not so different from the wolves, the great cats, or the bears. Like them I find that I am possessive of what I consider mine, I long to tear into one who would dare enter my territory and I have a need to provide for the female who belongs by my side. We men deceive ourselves when we claim civility. At the core of our being, we are animals.”
~ Trey
It’s been three days since I have been to the hospital, two days since I put a hole in my wall, one day since I worked for sixteen hours straight at the ranch. And still I burn on the inside. I have gotten in too deep, too fast. My father told me once that the men of our blood only know how to love one way; with our complete being; with the depths of our soul, with the beating of our hearts, with the marrow of our bones and with every thought that invades our minds—we love completely.

This book wasn't like your normal book, this book had great character building and an awesome storyline. Tally was a wonderful character, she was going through some issues of her own and she really needed comfort. She was strong though, she kept thriving and pushing through. This book was one of her best books yet! I loved her Prince of Wolves series but this takes the cake! Reading this made me happy, sad, angry, and just as confused as Tally. I took this ride with her and she was in a very huge depression. I loved how this book didn't have a "happy" or "fairytale" story. That is what made this book so amazing. I recommend this book to any reader that would like a well written and good story!

About Quinn Loftis

Quinn lives in beautiful NW Arkansas with her husband, son, Doberman and cat (who thinks she is a ninja in disguise). She is beyond thankful that she has been blessed to be able to write full time and hopes the readers know how much all of their support means to her. Some of her hobbies include reading, exercising, crochet, and spending time with family and friends. She gives all credit of her success to God because he gave her the creative spirit and vivid imagination it takes to write.


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