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Ride of Your Life Blog Tour and Review!

Book Info-
Title- Ride of Your Life
By- Shevi Arnold

Seventeen-year-old Tracy Miller met the love of her life . . . thirty years after her own death.

Tracy was working at the House of Horrors at the Amazing Lands Theme Park when the fire broke out. Instead of running, she lost her life trying to save eleven-year-old Mack. Now thirty years have passed, and suddenly everything changes with the arrival of two new ghosts: a little girl named Ashley and a cute, seventeen-year-old boy named Josh. Josh would do anything for Tracy, but can he help her let go of the past?  

Ride of Your Life is a bittersweet, romantic, YA ghost story that was inspired by a true event, the Great Adventure Haunted Castle fire, which killed eight teenagers in 1984, exactly thirty years ago this May 11th. It is a fantasy novel about undying love, and it won third-place in Smart Writer’s Write It Now (W.I.N.) contest in the YA category, which was judged by Alex Flinn, the author of Beastly and Cloaked.

Hang on. Love can be as terrifying as a roller coaster, but it can also be the Ride of Your Life.

Additional information about the Six Flags Great Adventure Haunted Castle fire- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haunted_Castle_(Six_Flags_Great_Adventure)


About the Author-
Shevi Arnold grew up in Philadelphia, and her family had a season pass to Great Adventure in the early 1980s. She was nineteen-years-old and studying overseas when a fellow college student asked her if she had heard about the Great Adventure Haunted Castle fire. Eight teenagers had lost their lives. Like many, Shevi was shocked by the news. In her mind, she wanted to give that tragedy a happy ending. Ride of Your Life is the result.

Shevi loves writing, illustrating, and making people laugh—and she’s been doing all three since 1987 when she started working as an editorial cartoonist for a newsweekly. She’s also worked as a comics magazine editor, as an arts-and-entertainment writer specializing in comedy and children’s entertainment, and as a consumer columnist. Nowadays, though, she enjoys writing (and sometimes illustrating) humorous fiction, fantasy, and science fiction for children, teens, and geeks of all ages. Her other books include Toren the Teller's Tale, Dan Quixote: Boy of Nuevo Jersey, and Why My Love Life Sucks (The Legend of Gilbert the Fixer, book one). She is currently working on Why It Still Mega Bites, the second book in the Gilbert the Fixer series.


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Promotional Event | *FREE* Sliding Beneath the Surface by @Doug__Dillon #TheStAugustineTrilogy

Hello St. Augustine Fans! Let’s not forget the YA Paranormal Fans!
For FIVE days, the Kindle version for Sliding Beneath the Surface [The St. Augustine Trilogy: Book I] will be available FOR FREE on Amazon.com—a special promotion. Today and the next 4 days, May 14th - 18th be sure to get your FREE Kindle Edition Today!

 Sliding Beneath the Surface
The St. Augustine Trilogy: Book I
Author: Doug Dillon
Genre: YA Paranormal
Print Length: 166 Pages
Release Date: August 24, 2011
Presented by: As You Wish Tours


In America’s oldest and most haunted city, St. Augustine, Florida, Teenager Jeff Golden is in trouble. Horrible dreams won’t let him sleep, and he is up to his eyeballs in terrifying, paranormal experiences.

Finally, Jeff turns to his girlfriend Carla, and Lobo, the mysterious Native American shaman, for help. But what he discovers is a lot more than he bargained for.

A ghostly presence linked to a local historic cemetery is not only threatening Jeff’s sanity but his life as well. And before he knows what’s happening, Jeff finds both himself and Carla pulled into one of the nastiest and bloody events in Florida history. It is a place from which they may never escape.

About the Author
Doug Dillon has been writing for adults and young people since 1984, especially in the paranormal realm. An award winning educator, he spent many years as a classroom teacher, school administrator, and coordinator of programs for high-risk students. Prentice Hall, Harcourt, Mitchell Lane Publishers, Boys' Life magazine, Learning Magazine and The Orlando Sentinel have all published his work.


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Goodreads Giveaway | Seeress (Paperback) Enter to Win! @EdnahWalters #Giveaway

Book Title: Seeress
Series: A Runes Novel #3
Release Date: April 28th 2014
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Firetrail Publishing
Presented by: As You Wish Tours

Goodreads Giveaway
Giveaway Dates: May 12 - Jun 12, 2014
2 copies available
Countries Available: US


I love Torin St. James...
I need his strength…
But someone from his past wants me dead.

Raine Cooper is certain of two things: her love for Torin St. James and her destiny to be a powerful seeress. But when she starts having premonitions, they are unclear and disturbing. Worse, they involve Torin. With her mother gone, her father dying, and her best friend in Hel, she is not sure who to talk to.

But when the visions become more personal and she foresees her future with Torin threatened by someone from his past, Raine becomes desperate for answers. Just her luck two new students arrive at her school and they seem to have answers. When with them, her powers are enhanced and her visions become clear. There is only one problem: Torin forbids Raine to see the two girls.

Can their love survive without trust?


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Cover Reveal | Eruption by Christina Mobley @chrissy3680

Book Title: Eruption
Series: The Vangretta Curse #3
Author: Christina Mobley
Expected Release Date: June 21, 2014
Genre: YA Fantasy
Presented by:As You Wish Tours


When you love someone more than yourself, protecting them is all that matters; it is all there is...

Snow one minute and blazing temperatures the next, horrific storms everywhere, and Ava has no idea what’s causing it. Desperate for answers, she turns to the past. An ancient diary reveals the truth about Element Island and the true origins of those born of the Element. Everything she thought she knew is wrong. Destiny is coming for her unborn child.

Ava’s fairytale has quickly turned into a nightmare. No one can be trusted. Friendships will be tested, and lives will be lost. As nature and destiny collide, a child that will change everything is born. The eruption will mark the beginning and the end, and the battle has just begun.


Christina Mobley is a married, mother of four, who spends her days caring for her children. She grew up in Florida, living on the banks of the St.Mary's river, and as a child always had a fascination for storms and the power they wield. The Vangeretta Curse series was inspired by that fascination.



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Promotional Event | **FREE** An Explosion of Being by Doug & Barbara Dillon @Doug__Dillon

Title: An Explosion of Being
An American Family’s Journey into the Psychic

Authors: Doug & Barbara Dillon
Genre: Non-fiction | Paranormal
Released: July 18, 2011
Length: 342 Pages
Presented by: As You Wish Tours 

A Message From Co-author, Doug Dillon

Do you believe in the paranormal? My wife Barbara and I sure didn’t many years ago but all that rapidly changed when my dad died. That event and the many strange things that happened back then set Barb and me on a multi-year quest for understanding.

We did extensive research, talked to lots of people, had many incredible experiences and eventually collected so much information that we wrote the book you see on this post. Prentice Hall published it worldwide and Barb and I ended up doing radio talk shows across the U.S. and up into Canada.

I think that offering the introduction to our book (below) is the best way to give you a quick sense of what we experienced and why we went public with what happened. After that, I’ll bring you up to date with where things stand now.


There are those times in most of our lives when, perhaps for just an instant, we stand back and question the very nature of physical existence. The penetrating event causing our hesitation may be a shocking realization of life’s fragility, the absolute bitterness of injustice, or some strange inexplicable departure from the norms of reality as we know them.

Whatever the reason for the momentary lapse of certainty about the world, it has stopped us dead in our tracks, whether anyone else recognized what was happening or not.

Usually, we recover from these occurrences by smoothing them over with forgetfulness or by applying a long held standard of belief that seems to give us some sort of answer. Even if we wanted to, it often isn’t very acceptable to poke and prod these events for new or different understandings.

Such activity simply makes most people uncomfortable, including ourselves, so why bother? On we move, then, with daily life as it existed before, but with a dim awareness something important may have been abandoned.

Seven years ago, our lives fit this pattern perfectly and seven years ago, a multitude of jolting, unusual incidents shocked us into a very conscious decision to pursue our questions, regardless of where they might lead. Since then, we have uncovered a wealth of information that might be called psychic, or spiritual, opening doors of perception for our family we never even knew existed.

This book is our attempt to share with you the fullness of our explorations into those unseen portions of life’s essence. We don’t ask for your acceptance of what you are about to read, but we do ask that you look for a part of yourself within our struggle for understanding.

Doug and Barb Dillon
Altamonte Springs, Florida

These days, I’m writing paranormal/historical novels for young adults and adults young at heart. I use my own experiences as the inspiration for the spooky events in those books set in the oldest and most haunted city in the United States. Titled The St. Augustine Trilogy, this series is two-thirds complete with the final book scheduled for publication in 2015. If you would like to learn more about the trilogy, click here. http://dougdillon.com/books/

I have a very active blog with lots of posts on the paranormal, including guest articles from mediums, hypnotists and ghost hunters. Click here http://dougdillon.com/ to visit my home page and you will find the blog listings to the right. I love to hear from people about their paranormal experiences, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

Take care and happy reading.

A former award winning educator, Doug writes about things paranormal and historical. His interest in the paranormal comes from personal experiences as detailed in the nonfiction adult book he and wife wrote titled, An Explosion of Being: An American Family's Journey into the Psychic. Out of those events and extensive historical research, he then created Sliding Beneath the Surface for young adults, Book I of the St. Augustine Trilogy. Doug set his trilogy in the oldest and most haunted city in the United States, St. Augustine, Florida.

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BREAK FREE Blog Tour, Review, and Giveaway!

Book Info-
Title- Break Free
By- Amber Garza
Genre- Contemporary Romance
Publication Date- April 18th, 2014

Jade Mathews is on the run. Running from an addiction that almost destroyed her, and a man who wants her dead.

Kyler James is a writer, a recluse locked in a prison of his own making.

When Jade and Kyler meet they find solace in one another and start to heal. Until Jade stumbles upon Kyler’s latest manuscript and is shocked to find that it is her story. One he couldn’t know. Jade fears she’s trusted the wrong person once again, and this time it may be her undoing.

Is the past destined to destroy them, or will they finally break free?


“Good thing you’re not a vampire,” I said in a shaky voice. Even though I was trying to act nonchalant on the outside, nothing inside of me felt calm at all. Not with him standing this close. “Between the nosebleed and me cutting my hand open, you would have so bitten my neck by now.”
He froze, his gaze dropping to my neck. With his free hand, he reached up and touched it gingerly as if by my mere mention of it, I had made it impossible not to. My pulse throbbed, and I sucked in a breath.
A nervous laugh escaped. “Is this the part of the story where you tell me I’ve figured out your secret and that you are indeed a vampire?”
“No, this is the part of the story where I tell you that I would never bite you. I would never hurt you at all.” His fingers ran along my neckline, at the trail of bruises Heath had left. I was immobilized, unable to move and hardly able to breathe. When he drew his hand away, I finally exhaled.  


“I’ll convince you that you’re wrong.”
“And how will you do that?” He’ll hit me, kick me, punch me, burn me, cut me, starve me.
“I’ll tell you that you’re beautiful again and again.”
The words crashed into me like a powerful wave. “What?”
“I’ll say it over and over, as many times as you need, until you believe me.”

I was glass. I was ice. I was fragile. I was breaking. I was his.


This book was astounding, to put into words what I would love to say is impossible. The way this book made me feel is unlike anything I have ever read. The events that happen bring back painful memories but give me closure and it is heartening. The topics laid out in this novel were so sad and upsetting but put the point out to you so you know what it is like, you understand them and want to know more even though it is disheartening. All of the scenes were laid out so well as if we were there experiencing everything with the character. Every flashback and scene felt like you were there with Jade experiencing the trauma and hurt. This book impacted me in so many ways and I can honestly say this is my top read of 2014. When you read BREAK FREE there are so many questions you are constantly thinking and wondering about. Nothing is better than an amazing story that keeps you wondering. I really hope you enjoy this book as much as I do.

This book had everything you look for, a broken girl who needs not only some good in her life but some motivation. She also needs to have more confidence and to believe she is beautiful whether she recognizes it or not. There is love, not always the healthy kind either (if you could call that love). Strength is a huge thing here in such a big way. Forgiveness is the hardest thing to give, you try and try and it doesn’t always have the outcome you expect and in BREAK FREE you realize no matter how hard the task it will get done if you have faith. And lastly, this book has a beautiful outlook it may have taken so many steps and hardships to get to that outcome but it happens and you will be so amazed at how this book changes you. This book is a beautiful story, it has damaged people, hate, anger, disgust, and sadness but you end up with such a beauty that you will appreciate the life you are given and will hold those you love dear to you.

The characters are not the ones you’d expect. Jade is so sad and fractured, she needs the love that you hope for in life whether it is companionship, family, friends, or just from the people around you. She is a lot stronger then she puts off, not only emotionally but she can take what is forced upon her. When you read about her you will only grow to admire her strength and hope that what her life has given her will end up as a happy ending. You will also appreciate how she sees life, most people do not see things the way she does, and she looks for every possible outcome and tries to change them to benefit her. It isn’t always a good thing though. Jade likes to thing badly of everything nice said to her so she looks for the outcome that will hurt her less. We also are given Kyler. He’s the perfect guy in his own nerdy way. He’s an author who writes horror and doesn’t always look for a happy ending. You may think it is strange but he is the opposite of Jade. Jade may think of a positive outcome but Kyler is positive and doesn’t look for outcomes. When you learn more about Kyler you love him that much more because he is such an amazing guy at heart and you know he just wants what is best for everyone.

In conclusion, you will not only relate in some form to these characters but you will feel every emotion with them. When they are sad you can’t help but be sad, when they are happy you feel a smile tug at your lips, and when they have these moments that are special between them you will feel grateful that you are told of these moments because you feel their emotions as if you were a fly on the wall. The most amazing part of this story is the journey you take with the characters and how differently you will see things. I can promise you that this is different, you get to read a book inside a book and feel so many emotions (good and bad) and you will want more but be satisfied on the ending. The ending couldn’t have been better, Kyler and Jade get what they’ve always wanted and I promise you it is not what you are thinking it is so far from what you would expect. Back to the ending, YES it was filled with so much emotion and I couldn’t stop smiling, I couldn’t stop thinking about how it couldn’t have been better. Amber Garza has made a novel so amazing that it tops all her other books and is the best yet. I believe that she will continue to amaze me with her writing.


About the Author-
Writer of romantic fiction. Singer. Reader. Wife. Mother. Wine enthusiast. Candy addict. Lover of Jesus.

Website- ambergarza.com

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