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BREAK FREE Blog Tour, Review, and Giveaway!

Book Info-
Title- Break Free
By- Amber Garza
Genre- Contemporary Romance
Publication Date- April 18th, 2014

Jade Mathews is on the run. Running from an addiction that almost destroyed her, and a man who wants her dead.

Kyler James is a writer, a recluse locked in a prison of his own making.

When Jade and Kyler meet they find solace in one another and start to heal. Until Jade stumbles upon Kyler’s latest manuscript and is shocked to find that it is her story. One he couldn’t know. Jade fears she’s trusted the wrong person once again, and this time it may be her undoing.

Is the past destined to destroy them, or will they finally break free?


“Good thing you’re not a vampire,” I said in a shaky voice. Even though I was trying to act nonchalant on the outside, nothing inside of me felt calm at all. Not with him standing this close. “Between the nosebleed and me cutting my hand open, you would have so bitten my neck by now.”
He froze, his gaze dropping to my neck. With his free hand, he reached up and touched it gingerly as if by my mere mention of it, I had made it impossible not to. My pulse throbbed, and I sucked in a breath.
A nervous laugh escaped. “Is this the part of the story where you tell me I’ve figured out your secret and that you are indeed a vampire?”
“No, this is the part of the story where I tell you that I would never bite you. I would never hurt you at all.” His fingers ran along my neckline, at the trail of bruises Heath had left. I was immobilized, unable to move and hardly able to breathe. When he drew his hand away, I finally exhaled.  


“I’ll convince you that you’re wrong.”
“And how will you do that?” He’ll hit me, kick me, punch me, burn me, cut me, starve me.
“I’ll tell you that you’re beautiful again and again.”
The words crashed into me like a powerful wave. “What?”
“I’ll say it over and over, as many times as you need, until you believe me.”

I was glass. I was ice. I was fragile. I was breaking. I was his.


This book was astounding, to put into words what I would love to say is impossible. The way this book made me feel is unlike anything I have ever read. The events that happen bring back painful memories but give me closure and it is heartening. The topics laid out in this novel were so sad and upsetting but put the point out to you so you know what it is like, you understand them and want to know more even though it is disheartening. All of the scenes were laid out so well as if we were there experiencing everything with the character. Every flashback and scene felt like you were there with Jade experiencing the trauma and hurt. This book impacted me in so many ways and I can honestly say this is my top read of 2014. When you read BREAK FREE there are so many questions you are constantly thinking and wondering about. Nothing is better than an amazing story that keeps you wondering. I really hope you enjoy this book as much as I do.

This book had everything you look for, a broken girl who needs not only some good in her life but some motivation. She also needs to have more confidence and to believe she is beautiful whether she recognizes it or not. There is love, not always the healthy kind either (if you could call that love). Strength is a huge thing here in such a big way. Forgiveness is the hardest thing to give, you try and try and it doesn’t always have the outcome you expect and in BREAK FREE you realize no matter how hard the task it will get done if you have faith. And lastly, this book has a beautiful outlook it may have taken so many steps and hardships to get to that outcome but it happens and you will be so amazed at how this book changes you. This book is a beautiful story, it has damaged people, hate, anger, disgust, and sadness but you end up with such a beauty that you will appreciate the life you are given and will hold those you love dear to you.

The characters are not the ones you’d expect. Jade is so sad and fractured, she needs the love that you hope for in life whether it is companionship, family, friends, or just from the people around you. She is a lot stronger then she puts off, not only emotionally but she can take what is forced upon her. When you read about her you will only grow to admire her strength and hope that what her life has given her will end up as a happy ending. You will also appreciate how she sees life, most people do not see things the way she does, and she looks for every possible outcome and tries to change them to benefit her. It isn’t always a good thing though. Jade likes to thing badly of everything nice said to her so she looks for the outcome that will hurt her less. We also are given Kyler. He’s the perfect guy in his own nerdy way. He’s an author who writes horror and doesn’t always look for a happy ending. You may think it is strange but he is the opposite of Jade. Jade may think of a positive outcome but Kyler is positive and doesn’t look for outcomes. When you learn more about Kyler you love him that much more because he is such an amazing guy at heart and you know he just wants what is best for everyone.

In conclusion, you will not only relate in some form to these characters but you will feel every emotion with them. When they are sad you can’t help but be sad, when they are happy you feel a smile tug at your lips, and when they have these moments that are special between them you will feel grateful that you are told of these moments because you feel their emotions as if you were a fly on the wall. The most amazing part of this story is the journey you take with the characters and how differently you will see things. I can promise you that this is different, you get to read a book inside a book and feel so many emotions (good and bad) and you will want more but be satisfied on the ending. The ending couldn’t have been better, Kyler and Jade get what they’ve always wanted and I promise you it is not what you are thinking it is so far from what you would expect. Back to the ending, YES it was filled with so much emotion and I couldn’t stop smiling, I couldn’t stop thinking about how it couldn’t have been better. Amber Garza has made a novel so amazing that it tops all her other books and is the best yet. I believe that she will continue to amaze me with her writing.


About the Author-
Writer of romantic fiction. Singer. Reader. Wife. Mother. Wine enthusiast. Candy addict. Lover of Jesus.


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