Saturday, November 15, 2014

Control Me Review!

Five Stars
My Review

I cannot form words quite yet. I will though, review to come!


SO I read this book in an hour and a half. I 
loved to hate Carlos and you will see why. I think Mya is BATshit crazy but she is sweet. There is so many twists and turns that will make you scratch your head like 'what the hell was she doing?' but then smile at how crazy she is. I love how it was fast pace but over a course of just weeks. You wanted to see what was going to happen next with each page turn. For me Mya reminds me of that movie 'Obsessed' with Beyonce in it. The woman that wanted her husband carries the same traits as Mya and you wonder at how far she will go to have Carlos forever.

I loved their chemistry. They both try to deny it and it is their downfall in the end, you can tell they have chemistry and emotions they wish they didn't feel. They have so many reactions to each other and denying it further makes them weaker than they think.

I will be 
dying for book three until Feb, like dying because I want to know what happens between these two. They are addicting to read about yet you want to sometimes shake the characters and say "what the hell are you thinking buddy!" yup, happened a lot yesterday.

Carlos was 
interesting, I mean he was sexy as hell as a character but the dominating shit he did made me want to smack him and kiss him all at the same time. You know? No? Well you will.

Mya, this girl... She is 
intelligent and just a little off the crazy side but hey we all have our feats and that is hers. She is like a kid though and I hope she grows in the next book because I wanted to gouge out her eyes at times. She has so much potential she just chooses to take the easy route out of fear and that is what makes her weak. She can be so much more if she believed in herself more.

My favorite parts were figuring out the little details that most people will probably see unimportant but really it will come and kick you in the butt later. You will see what I mean when you read it. If you pull out your hair in anger at how these two avoid their feelings, don't worry... I did too. It was nice, not really but hey, this book is amazing with it's plot twists and the sex was more than mind-blowing, can't forget that ;)

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