Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cover Reveal!!!!!

Losing Gideon
Shattered Souls # 0.5
By- C.L. Matthews
Genre- Romantica
Expected Publication Date- ?

He was the bad boy; the guy every girl wanted.

But he had his eyes set on the forbidden fruit, Evangeline Carpenter. She was untouchable and he couldn’t stand for that. She didn't want him and it made him want her all the more. He'll do anything to be the first to taste her even if it breaks her in the end. His goal: to have her no matter what it takes, even if it is only once.

Evangeline is the nerdy girl that doesn't stand out. She is a book worm with high hopes, just trying to make it through school to make her dad proud. She has no intention of liking Gideon but she gets swept off her feet by his green eyes and soft composure.

One night is all it takes, she changes but so does he.

Will Gideon ruin the girl she's always wanted to be or will he unleash the beast that lies inside her?

When they both lose themselves, nothing will ever be the same again.